We work with impact businesses including social enterprises, the public sector, private sector consultancies and charities.

We work with passionate people and ambitious leaders.

Our expertise enables us to operate with large organisations, working alongside departmental teams, and across the entire organisation in SME’s, start-ups and social enterprise.

Our case studies fit into our 4 key service offerings:

  1. Field mapping

  2. Digital Health Check

  3. Opportunity Analysis

  4. Governance Framework

Tech Talent Charter

We champion diversity in technology because this leads to diversity of thought, creativity and innovation. We are supporting the Tech Talent Charter, a nationwide initiative to shift the dial on diversity in technology. Through a series of regional events in Bath, Oxford, Manchester and Newcastle we have identified over 250 initiatives across the UK which encourage diversity in technology. Through our field mapping approach we have uncovered, and connected, regional activities to create a stronger ecosystem.

Working with the Dot Project on our first TTC regional event was fantastic. They have a strong grasp of national initiatives and agendas combined with great local and regional reach. They are natural connectors and highly professional.
— Debbie Forster, CEO Tech Talent Charter


We worked with cxpartners to strengthen their approach to data management, embedding privacy by design across their core business functions.  We created a bespoke framework to enable a sustainable approach to data management, this involved training staff teams and rolling out updated tools and procedures.

We worked with The Dot Project to put privacy at the heart of our internal and external processes. Through training and policy design they helped ensure the team had a responsible and practical approach to handling sensitive data.
— Richard Caddick, Director cxpartners

World Sport Ministries

World Sport Ministries wanted to understand how they could leverage the power of technology to make it easier for them to coordinate activities, engage young people in their sports programmes and ensure staff felt energised and confident when using their digital platforms.  Our Digital Health Check enabled the organisation to identify where digital tools could be used more effectively and where there were opportunities to introduce new tools to support core business functions. Our support enabled the organisation to identify their need for a CRM platform, they said:

When you are trying to make sense of the complex world of digital tech and your organisational needs, it can be overwhelming and time consuming. Together Annie and Cat are strategic and highly skilled. They focus on what matters to bring simplicity with grace and patience – exactly what we needed to untangle the ‘spaghetti’ and prevent us making very expensive mistakes. Highly recommended.
— Graham Massey, Chair World Sport Ministries

Shaw Trust

Shaw Trust Accessibility Services provide a range of services supporting organisations to create and develop inclusive technology.  We co-created an approach to assess the market need for accessibility services within the web development market, conducting a range of interviews targeting agencies with a similar set of organisational values and culture.

Throughout this project we worked closely with Shaw Trust to provide regular feedback and engage their inputs. Our findings have influenced the evolving strategy of Shaw Trust, here’s what they said about us:

They have a strong identity and ethos around connecting people with integrity and championing collaboration … They are an organisation which promotes collaboration within technology for the greater good.
— Julie Cable, Head of Projects

OpenUp Music

We supported OpenUp Music to select a new CRM platform. OpenUp Music are an exciting organisation, creating inclusive orchestras of the future.  On a journey of growth they asked for our support prior to the launch of a new programme, to enable them to build strong relationships with their musicians and supporters.  They work across the UK, through music hubs and schools, therefore the flow of information to and from the organisation was, in places, complex. We built process maps to define the core journeys people, and data, take when they interact with OpenUp Music.  This has formed the basis of their development of a comprehensive CRM solution, and strengthened their approach towards responsible data management.

It was a pleasure working with Cat and Annie at Dot Project. They took time to understand our organisation and our values, and were very quick to understand our requirements for a CRM system to meet the needs of our growing organisation. They provided a clear project plan and timeline and consulted throughout the process, ultimately providing a clear recommendation of a CRM system that will meet our organisational needs and our budget.
— OpenUp Music

Centre for Team Performance

We worked with Centre for Team Performance to develop a sustainable and robust approach to data protection.  Our bespoke toolkit enabled the organisation to put in place easy to use tools so embed privacy by design across their projects.  We also provided one on one training to the Director to build her confidence in using GSuite to increase the productivity and connectivity of her teams.

Not only did the great folks at the Dot Project help us decide on the appropriate digital tools to use, they gave us step by step help on setting things up and ensured we were compliant with regard to GDPR.

They were also a joy to deal with; they really listened to our needs and didn’t impose solutions. We will definitely work with them again.
— Lis McCormick, Managing Director Centre for Team Performance
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