DOT PROJECT was born out of our desire to promotes our strengths and work in a way which supports our personal commitments and responsibilities.  


We decided to become a cooperative in early 2018 and we are active members of the CoTech community -  cooperatives operating across the technology sector.

 We champion the growth of the network and its members, leading the development of proposals to help support a number of collaborative funding opportunities and projects across the network. 


We take an active role in networks that champion collaboration and the future of work. We are part of:

Workforce of The Future Network

Adas List supporting network or women in tech


We’ve loved working with Dot Project so much that we now try to involve them in every project. They bring an incredibly calm, insightful and productive work ethic that reassures from the moment you meet them.

Their experience of dealing with a range of funders, governmental bodies, corporate and other organisations allows us to extend our offer beyond simple service provision and enables us to work with our partners to develop meaningful and sustainable change.
— Harry Robbins, Outlandish