TechforGoodBath is a community network bringing together the fields of social innovation and tech. We formed under the umbrella of the global network and non-profit TechSoup and Netsquared which brings together civil society with the active tech and creative communities.

To date the network has comprised a series of events with speakers discussing a variety of social sector themes, sharing numerous tools and techniques and showcasing a great number of revolutionary products. Topics have included data protection, cyber security, making your technology accessible for all, mapping skills and resources, digital in mental health, and digital risk and opportunities in context of youth and kids.

We firmly believe this network has the potential to develop meaningful collaboration, partnerships and technology solutions. We hope to encourage and raise awareness of technology enabled response and solutions to support social challenges across the city of Bath and surrounding areas.  



  • Bring together the inspiring non profit sector and social impact initiatives with tech people and businesses of Bath and its surrounding area

  • Provide a voice for Bath’s third sector to identify their needs

  • Provide support through connecting people with opportunities for training and project support

  • Provide a platform to strengthen communication and develop tech enabled partnership opportunities


St John’s Foundation

Through our TechforGoodBath community we delivered a workshop with St Johns Foundation to understand the needs of mental health services in Bath and ensure that digital platforms and tools are developed around the user need.